Pending Projects: News - Work in progress (UPDATE)

Hi world! I know people want always fast updates but this is an hobby and not a work so be patient!
Updated RoadMap:
  • The first release of this year will be IEMGD 1.18 RC beta for Windows XP: more compatibility, new installer and a try icon (i think support will be stopped, i will not test it on my machine)
  • Optimus IEMGD 1.2 Alpha is not still complete; this project is taking more time but not for the features that will be available in this release but for the future. It will be released (probably in Dicember 2015) to my supporters but compiled with old framework 3.5. [Full ChangeLog is down]. More work have to be done...but i need to check how it works on other devices.
Actual status: Oct 31, 2015
Settings Reader OK
Software\Hardware\Restart Driver OK
OpenGL Changer OK
CPU Multipler OK
Brightness OK
Power OK
Fan Speed Script for Asus 1101HA OK (added also 20% profile)
Run OK
SetFSB function not upgraded in version 1.2RC1
Still to be compiled:Advanced Tab and new installer..boring code but should be more fast to do :|

ChangeLog Optimus IEMGD 1.2 Alpha:(Dic 2015???)
-Initial Support for Multilanguage: Editable voices are for this test Run\Brightness\Power Settings
-Fan Speed requires RWeverything Tool: it is a fan script tested on Asus 1101HA. So I don't know if it will work also on other devices. You will report it.
-Added Run: this is not  a simply launcher but here you will able to set the task's priority (HIGH, Above Normal and Normal).
-Added PC Power: Shutdown, Restart, ect
-Added Avalon Antialiasing option
-Added System V-sync option: works few with dwm but better than nothing
-Added V-RAM: A small porting of my old project GMA500Hidden Settings (requires RWeverthing). Maybe it can be usefull for old game compatible for windows xp.
-Added Microsoft Windows Display tools links
-Added Restart Driver (not present in the picture): After hibernate or sleepmode, Fn buttons for Brightness will not work anymore. With this option the video driver will be reloaded and all will work again
-Added Advance Area: look at the image
-Added Left Click Menu: fast change between hardware\software render and change brightness [Moved to version 1.2.1. Reason: Need more time to find a good graphic interface). Left click option will open the context menu
-Added SetFSB Overclock AutoRun [Reason: Need to test a registered Version]
-Added Windows Display Settings: a normal link to microsoft settings (that sometime people never look it)
-Settings Autosave Enabled

Probably future changelog of Optimus (2016-2017)
-SourceCode Update
-Multilanguage Support and Portable version
-Initial Support for Monitor Refresh Rate Changer (should be compatible only on Win7)
-Games Software Rendering for TnL (i still didn't check if is compatible with GMA500
-Left Click Menu Concept: I think it's not good :\ Track Bar for brightness + 2D\3D icon  to change rendering
-Temperature,Cpu and ram Monitor (i need to understand if we need it).
Temperature control isn't working via MsACPI_ThermalZone or better is possible to read initial value but not the following (strange. I still don't know why but analizing SpeedFan, it refresh thermalzone in someway that i don't know..need more time to understand it)

P.s. i want to say thanks to Optimus Iemgd supporters. These solutions are in primis for you
 IEMGD 1.18 RC beta for Windows 7/8/10 is under developing but need to test compatibility in Win7\10: fixed installer to work on Win7\8\10, disabled WPF hardware rendering and some minor updates at iemgd add-on (is taking more time because i want test more things before release my last package).

  • Upgrade of Browsers post and Add Kodi review (old posts have to be updated but i prefer to complete my programs) 

Windows 10 RTM & Intel Atom Z520 TEST #2

Long time with no new post but i'm still using my old device. Yesterday i've finally decided to test the rtm version of Windows 10 Home 32 bit and here there are my considerations.
The Intel Atom Z520 cpu and gma 500 aren't the best hardware for running this new OS but anyway with some tweak you can run it with enough satisfaction a basic Windows 10.
Rember: It Is still an immature OS with small bugs and with few drivers problems expecially with old hardwares.

Let's start:
-> Asus 1101HA: Atom Z520 @1.33MHz, 2GB, Hardisk

Installing on my fresh cleaned hardisk ,i've immidiately found a bug on installer. Like in Inseder preview, is not possible to disable all functions in the setup (the installer will restart) so I've used common settings.
At the first boot (without any driver) there is something that isn't working correctly: CPU usage isn't costant in idle so i've started my the optimization.

Installed Programs:
-All Suggested Updates until 08 sept 2015
-Adobe Flash Player for Qupzilla
-Video Driver Iemgd 1.18
-Optimus IEMGD 1.2 (internal test)
-K-lite codek pack 1140 LAV+DXVA2+Render stock
-Asus suite driver package by me (Asus ACPI, Asus SHE,Synaptics Driver). On Win 8.x and 10 synaptics driver uses 3% CPU always, it's a software problem. To solve it, if you don't need gestures, go to scheduler and disable synaptics autorun.

Reducing CPU,RAM and HD Stress
-Enabled hyperthrading
-Fixed Boot Settings because still win 8.1 option was present  (easyBCD tool)
-Disabled onedrive autorun
-Local account (suggested because preserve RAM,CPU and your Privacy)
-Avalon/WPF Disabled + no filter
-System V-sync Disabled
-Disabled 3 services
-Disabled milions of settings in settings\privacy ect
-Disabled UAC
-Setted no trasparent color for windows bar and start menu (i've also resized it)
-Disabled Windows Defender (reduce CPU stress; with No Defender tool but probably works also Winaero one)
-KMS for win 10 (with a fresh install you need a product let's use warez)
-No hd buffering cache
-Qupzilla setted with: no scroll animations, chrome theme, enlarged cache,no osd,ect
-Disabled Synaptics Software Autorun from Scheduler
-Disabled Cortana (reduce CPU,RAM stress and improve your Privacy
-Disabled momentarily Fast Boot to renable SHE overclock at 30% (only for Asus 1101HA)
-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop|"MenuShowDelay"="0"
-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse|"MouseHoverTime"="0"
-Disabled Notification Center: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer DWORD:DisableNotificationCenter =1
-Disabled Windows Defender notification
-Removed Store and Windows App (film and TV ect,ect. My device doesn't have enough power for HTML5) via Powershell command
-Removed OneDrive link from start menu
-Disabled Windows Update
-Superfetch setted registry value: 2=Only on boot (i know it is usefull but when HD is above 80% of usage system is slow: hardware limit )

Initial Results:
It is faster than win 8.1 and Win 7
CPU usage in idle 5'min after boot =  2%
RAM usage in idle 5'min after boot =  30%
Hardisk space 11.6GB
Adele set fire HD fullscreen and windowed youtube @1.33GHz with Multipler x10 = 10-12 fps
Adele set fire HD fullscreen youtube @1.74GHz with Multipler x10= 10-14 fps
Adele set fire 480p fullscreen and windowed youtybe @1.74GHz with Multipler x10= 13-16 fps
As always no hardware opengl supported and restart pc causes BSoD with intel embedded driver
Few glitches
Reduced  compatibility with old games: FIFA 2002 demo crash, GTA III really low fps also after update the diretx SDK. Note. Version of diretx used by gpu in win 10 is 9Ex.
System stability and multimedia work Good! Anyway embedded video driver works a little better with win 7, expecially for opengl and old game.
This test is only to show how is possible to optimize windows, but is too extreme because it leaves the core system. Without many services system is faster than windows 7 but you will only have an updated GUI OS with many problems with old programs and worst gpu performance. I still love windows 7 home premium 32bit

Still need to check if it is possible:
-Remove Windows Feedback app or link in start menu
-Remove Contact Support app or link in start menu
-Remove Cortana app or link in start menu

Still not performed: 
-Disable some service
-No windows indexer
-Fix paging file

Welcome to the first Unofficial GMA 500 Driver Support  website for Windows!
This project started in August 2012 when I thought,for the first time, that informations about this GPU were fragmentary and available on too many forums with too many pages!
So finally I decided to upload all into one blog  where people could find easily and quickly news and optimized drivers.
From that day over 200.000+ visitors, from all over the world, saw the first GMA 500 blog for Windows. Thank you!
In this website you can find also all you can need to make your GMA 500 faster and INTEL ATOM Tips.
I talk about many things that you can read on older pages as how to: improve fsb; improve ram,video,windows,web performance;ect ect. So it's better that you read all the blog before write a comment! (34 posts aren't too much).
The driver available here is programmed by Official Intel Embedded Team and fixed by me for a perfect fit on US15 platform (small form factor of US15W: GMA500 Devices).
Actually my release is compatible with various devices but please confirm,writting a comment, if your notebook\pc isn't in confirmed supported list
All stuff posted is tested by my trusted device ASUS 1101HA (for this reason i can't guarantee correct operations on other netbook\pc).
All trademarks and\or logos contained in the website's sections belong to their owners.
For any copyright issues or advice don't hesitate to contact me using the appropriate button.
On April 2013 Intel Embedded Team have dismiss US15 support so my latest fixed driver package is builded on May 2014!
I will update all my projects to the definitive versions in 2015-2016.

ITA.Questo sito nasce dalla voglia di rendere più facilmente reperibili informazioni e nuovi driver ottimizzati per la scheda video INTEL GMA 500.
Tutto il materiale postato su questo canale è completamente gratuito e testato dal mio fedele Asus 1101HA. Per tal Motivo non posso garantirne il corretto funzionamento su altri dispositivi nè mi assumo eventuali rischi per danni a cose o persone causati dall'uso improrio delle instruzioni contenute nelle varie guide.
Tutti i marchi e\o loghi,disegni ed immagini contenuti nelle sezioni appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari per eventuali problemi di copyright o consigli non esitate a conttattarmi tramite l'apposito pulsante.

If you like my work consider to:
  1. Put +1 on Google is free and much appreciated (this will help people to find this blog)
  2. Share blog's link in other forums/social networks
  3. Make a donation to offer me a coffee :)
  4. Share New Tips
Blog's IEMGD 1.18  Spread Chart (Aug-Jan 2014):
Total Download = above 5000+
Windows 7\8\8.1 Users: 59%
Windows XP Users: 41%
In order to my decision about closing GMA500 Support at the end of this year (2015), 
My Blog is under a full MAINTENANCE!
Note. The only project that will remain alive will be Optimus IEMGD (ext.2016)
POSTs  will be fixed or Upgraded and added at the following list:
-Feature,overclock gma and games sections fixed
Moving some post to reorder-> check 
-Eliminated battery post: not usefull.
-Fused Gma500Hidden Setting webpage with intel GMA overclock post..not still fixed
Last RoadMap: (Pending Projects)
-IEMGD 1.18 Final Revision: [Minor Upgrade]
*Extended Support for US15 platform for Windows 7\8\8.1\10: probably final release will be available 2015-2016 because i have to make tests on Win7\10
*Updated Installer with framework 3.5
-IEMGD 1.18 XP  Rev 0.2 beta: [Experimental but Good Upgrade]
*Reduced Package 
*added a new installer and fixed unistaller
*added tryicon for brightness and VGA port support (workaround fixes)
Note XP driver doesn't support hardware decoding for Adobe Flash and DXVA2 but has a good software rendering (it can be used also in win7)
-2016: The blog will be revisited,cleaned and refreshed.
-Optimus IEMGD 1.2 Alpha(probably Dicember 2015) adding some extra features

Ext. Dates:
IEMGD XP->Q4 2015: Actual status 90%
IEMGD 7-8-10->2015/2016: Actual status 60% (really few time and i need to test it on win10 and 7)
Optimus IEMGD 1.2 Alpha->Actual Status 80%

+Optimus IEMGD 1.1 is out! 31 Jan 2015 (NEW FRAMEWORK 4.5)
+Updating GMA500Booster Dropbox Cloud: some problems may occur with direct downloads
+On windows 8.1 (my actual os) Opera Browser new update 26 (Jan 2015) LOST Hardware Video Deconding like Internet Explorer and Chrome! (Bad news!)
+Windows 10 Test: Great features were showed but i don't think our pc will be able to run it.
In the old build of Tech Preview this was my score for GPU but also CPU wasn't so brillant...i will take a new test with the RTM version

Workaround Win8/10: Refresh Desktop, Page fault in nonpaged area, Adobe Flash Player ,Video Player

Hi, while i'm fixing IEMGD Add-on i have tested few things:

-BSoD with page fault error can't be fixed on win 8-10. It's an internal video driver bug that appears with restart  PC function randomly. In the first moment i thinked the problem was the new hybrid solution for restart\start pc but also disabling it the problem remain. Then i tested the editing of paging file with +1,5XRam (my pc has 2gb and the page file should be 3GB).
At the end of the tests: I can't find a solution with a closed source driver. Sorry :(
Workaround: don't use restart pc function or reduce\disable error dump (disable kernel debugger)
Option 1) BSoD will be always available but no dump file will be created
control panel->system->Advanced Settings->Startup in Advanced Tab->Settings button:
Option 2) Disable Kernel Debugger (disable all kernel errors: BSoD)
Open MS-DOS prompt with Admin Rights: bcdedit -debug off ->Reboot to apply it
Option 3) Edit BSoD Color and face
NotMyFault: Program 
Other Info: here

-Workaround for Windows 8/10: No display refresh after hibernate or sleep mode:
I don't know if it is only a problem with my display resolution but sometime windows 8/10 doesn't refresh correctly the display (iemgd not fully compatible with newer os) showing black areas in the screen. This problem is more present when you wakeup the device from hibernate-sleep mode and is fixable by pressing f5 (refresh button) or moving mouse pointer into the black areas.
Anyway these solutions are not good for me so i've programmed a little tool that may help win 8/10 users to have no black display areas after wakeup from sleep-hibernate mode.
Who have this problem can contact me and i will share the tool for testing it
It will be added to iemgd pack.

Note. This problem is not present in windows 7

-Adobe Flash Player: windows and browsers are changing the way to support video streaming. Now HTML5 is new standard and expecially internet explorer is removing hardware rendering on adobe flash files.
I have just used a new web browser: QupZilla that doesn't support HTML5  but has a good basic ads remover and plays Adobe videos with hardware render. 720p videos are now playable (note access to youtube account and edit the dashboard)
Hidden Dashboard

High Quality

Remove widgets

-VideoPlayer: Still good MPHC with LAV codec,  Render Enhanced Video (NOT CUSTOM), DXVA2 Enabled from internal filter\decoder video
On asus 1101ha isn't possible to play videos in power saving mode <1000MHz. I belive is a OS stability problem

-Win10 10130 video app uses GMA500 hardware rendering installing specific codec but the performance isn't still good just wait RTM version 29 July 2015 and check results

Legacy Backlight and my strange ideas For Windows and Intel

Another day playing with my device :) I'm improving my programming language knowledge but i'm still at a basic level. Anyway few peolpe share informations and i want to know more.
Let's start with some cheats: Exported from EeeCtl and are replicable also with RWeverithing program
/* kiwidrew's work */
#define EC_ST00                         0xF451 // ACPI: Temperature of CPU (C)
#define EC_SC02                         0xF463 // ACPI: Fan PWM duty cycle (%)
#define EC_SC05                         0xF466 // ACPI: High byte of fan speed (RPM)
#define EC_SC06                         0xF467 // ACPI: Low byte of fan speed (RPM)
#define EC_SFB3                         0xF4D3 // ACPI: Flag byte containing SF25 (FANctrl)

#define GPIO_PIN_VOLTAGE        0x0066 //

#define EC_FPWMH1                       0xFE26
#define EC_FPWML1                       0xFE27

This info was present also in intel documents
Path: Bus 0 Device 2 (Intel VGA Card)
Path where insert Brightness Level:  0xF4
Value Setted by EeeCtl:
UltraBright: FF the maximum value for brightness
Bright: B2
Medium: 7F
Low: 4C
Lowest: 19

Accepted values: 1-99 (1-15=really low values) and combination 0;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9; A;B;C;D;E;F

2)Replacing Windows Kernel 10 with Kernel 6.4 (Win 10 old preview. Maybe it can reduce BSoD under Win10? NOT STILL TESTED), HAL and setting a Multi-OS Boot (reduce BSoD under win10??? not tested and some problems may appear)
Thanks to MSDN:
ps. bcedit command is also used to remove digital firm check, insert F8 function on boot for Win8 and many other things Windows 10 last release is really more stable and doesn't require kernel downgrade

3)Replacing Video Basic Driver under Win 7:NOT STILL CHECKED but my aim is to use in Software Rendering IEMGD XP version and in Hardware Rendering IEMGD 7 version. Really cool but need more time to check if it is possible.

4)Fan Speed and Temperature Controller: Part of Embedded Controller need more time to understand if is possible to use also a powershell script to manage it

5)Registry Settings for Win 8-10 that I have to test: (i reported here to remember them)
(Because newer Os uses DWM and should be a problem for GMA500)
REG_DWORD 10 = default ;  0 = disable VSync control
DWORD value 1=Disabled Hardware acceleration ; 0=Enable Hardware acceleration
DWORD Value min0 max16
Default: 4 
-Intel Performance Mode: Enabled by default
-Triple Buffer
-Try to disable\enable some Hardware Codec Rendering
-Risparmio Energetico prestazioni multimediali MSDN
-Brightness check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ Monitor\ Parameters\
-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager \Memory Management\SecondLevelDataCache
Check: Under XP with Atom Z520 L2 Cache isn't recognized. So win uses standard value=0 that is 256K. Anyway Atom Z520 has L2 cache= 512K   Performance Improve= +0,5%
-Selezionate la voce "Computer"(menù avvio)->"Proprietà"->"Protezione Sistema"->"Configura".
-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager \Memory  with pagingfile turned off ClearPageFileAtShutdown=0

More things will be described when i will find some strange solution.

IEMGD 1.18 XP version PREVIEW for 1366x768 display with video output CH7317

This is a little preview of IEMGD 1.18 XP edition revion 0.1.1 (still more things to fix).
Anyway it works only on 1366x768 displays with video output (sDVO) CH 7317...compatible with Asus 1101HA, 1201HA, Acer AO751H and so on.
-Fixed Backlight Problem with Fn button (after hybernation control is inverted on Asus 1101HA but i suppose it's not fixable via software but only via ACPI..really a minor problem)
-Fixed VGA port enabled: Just boot your pc with a cable plugged-in or insert cable->then put windows sleep mode->reactivate windows then run Utilities\EMGDGUI.exe -> Display Config and select Display config Mode (clone,single,ect)

Still remain to do:
Intel Try icon with fast VGA detect workaround and Intel tool
Reduce Package


As always test and report

In final rev0.2: Intel tray Icon, Uninstaller and register fixes
0.2 Internal Debug: Tray icon and functions on windows xp
Setup Plug-in: IEMGD Add-on XP Retrò (Vintage)