In order to my decision about closing GMA500 Support at the end of this year (2015), 
My Blog is under a full MAINTENANCE!
Note. The only project that will remain alive will be Optimus IEMGD (ext.2016)
POSTs  will be fixed or Upgraded and added at the following list:

Welcome to the first Unofficial GMA 500 Driver Support  website for Windows!
This project started in August 2012 when I thought,for the first time, that informations about this GPU were fragmentary and available on too many forums with too many pages!
So finally I decided to upload all into one blog  where people could find easily and quickly news and optimized drivers.
From that day over 100.000+ visitors, from all over the world, saw the first GMA 500 blog for Windows. Thank you!
In this website you can find also all you can need to make your GMA 500 faster and INTEL ATOM Tips.
I talk about many things that you can read on older pages as how to: improve fsb; improve ram,video,windows,web performance;ect ect. So it's better that you read all the blog before write a comment! (30 posts aren't too much).
The driver available here is programmed by Official Intel Embedded Team and fixed by me for a perfect fit on US15 platform (small form factor of US15W: GMA500 Devices).
Actually my release is compatible with various devices but please confirm,writting a comment, if your notebook\pc isn't in confirmed supported list
All stuff posted is tested by my trusted device ASUS 1101HA (for this reason i can't guarantee correct operations on other netbook\pc).
All trademarks and\or logos contained in the website's sections belong to their owners.
For any copyright issues or advice don't hesitate to contact me using the appropriate button.
On April 2013 Intel Embedded Team seems to have dismiss US15 support so my latest fixed driver package is builded on May 2014!
I will update all my projects to the definitive versions in 2015-2016.

ITA.Questo sito nasce dalla voglia di rendere più facilmente reperibili informazioni e nuovi driver ottimizzati per la scheda video INTEL GMA 500.
Tutto il materiale postato su questo canale è completamente gratuito e testato dal mio fedele Asus 1101HA. Per tal Motivo non posso garantirne il corretto funzionamento su altri dispositivi nè mi assumo eventuali rischi per danni a cose o persone causati dall'uso improrio delle instruzioni contenute nelle varie guide.
Tutti i marchi e\o loghi,disegni ed immagini contenuti nelle sezioni appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari per eventuali problemi di copyright o consigli non esitate a conttattarmi tramite l'apposito pulsante.

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Blog's IEMGD 1.18  Spread Chart (Aug-Jan 2014):
Total Download = above 5000+
Windows 7\8\8.1 Users: 59%
Windows XP Users: 41%

Generic Intel GMA - Video Card integrated - Tips

This post was written to add informations for other types of GPU (in the future i will change my device and so i will start new project basing from this news)

1)DVMT: Dynamic Video Memory Technology is a method to allocate dinamically RAM to the GPU for increase 2d\3d performance. In Integrated solutions this setting is editable by system bios.
To change this setting during boot press F2 (or equivalente F button to access to the bios) in some submenu you will find the string with a value, just increase it.
Another way is to edit the registry of gpu in fly-mode as described in gma500 Hidden Settings section. For know wich is the offset to edit with RWeverything just google for your platform datasheet (usually Intel stored them in his servers)
2)Brightness controller, CPU Manager, MESA 3D, Avalon Hardware Settings, Disable \ Enable GPU \VGA\ Video. This solution is applicable in all devices with Optimus IEMGD. Just contact me and i will edit my program to run with your GPU. Requires min Win 7
3)Intel GMA INI File: This is a really important file that integrate all registry settings for the GPU. Usally strings change with different GPUs but as you can read above some string is always equal:
Name of Vendor and GPU serial name
Location on windows registry:
ram available
max connected display to the output ports (VGA,HDMI ect)
Detect the HDMI time:

4)Post Processing:
5)Software rendering: Sometime the gpus integrated are really slow but the cpu can be good. So is possible to elaborate video pixel via CPU. The methods are different read down:
WARP: Software rasterized included with Directx 11. With this can be also playable game for direct from direcetx 9.1 to 11.2 (but performance are not good also with powerful cpu. It's a debug mode for developers)
Vertex Software Processing
6)Downscaling to adapt 1024x600 to 1024x768 pixel.
Some gpu integrate the possibility to downscale Monitor with real 1024x600 to fake 1024x768 (to play correctly windows app). This solution is applicable or in INI file before install the driver or in windows registry or with this program (may not work with some device). Note. Not valid for GMA 500 devices
7)Overclocking GPU
9)Video Player and Codecs: You should know if your GPU supports HW acceleration and for what kind of video formats. Read Video Player Section for more news .
Here I will upload some codec
PowerDVD codec
Intel US15 Video codec (win vista)
10)Alternative Video Drivers: This point depends from the intrest of developer about your video card.
For intel are only available for few cards Embedded driver: ex
For all other GPU just google or look here:


Video Streaming

Boring night! so let me play some video while i'm on my sofa! This section will be modified for better view in mobile devices. Aggiungerò anche il televideo dei canali citati. (Pochi link ma buoni).
These are external links and i suggest to install ad-block plus to remove ads!
GOOGLE BAR write your film name + streaming

1)PopCornTime: great free program AUDIO in english with subtitles in every language.
Resolution 720p or 1080 ->Play video with your external video player in my case MP-HC
Really fast for Windows,Mac,Android and iOS

2)Sport Streaming (football,tennis,ski,ect):

3)PROGRAMMI TV ITALIANI (tutta la rai) (video disponibile solo ad alcuni orari) (Alice,MarcoPolo,Nuvolari,Leonardo : Richiesta Registrazione)


Suggestions? Thanks to Google Engine Search

Youtube & Browsers are removing Adobe Flash support

Is windows 7 loosing youtube hd video support? Probably yes. Youtube stopped Adobe Flash support so the new format will be HTML5. How to accelerate via hardware html5? Enable browser hardware rendering from settings but gma 500 doesn't support VP8/9 decoding. Damn! I think it's time to sell my device :)

DirectX 12 & GMA 500: Windows 8 - 8.1 - 10

Finally Windows 10 introduces a new kernel and DirectX 12. On Windows >7 OSs this updated api restore the power of gma 500 like windows 7. Anyway the new kernel, available only in Windows 10, brings a BSoD caused by IEMGD (we have to wait final RTM to see what happen).
DirectX will bring benefits on windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 8 \ 8.1 \ 10 - Tips for better performance on slow PC: Intel ATOM

Note.Some tips are replicable also for Windows 7. POST NOT STILL COMPLETE!

Device: Asus 110HA
CPU: Intel Atom Z520 @1.33 GHz (in this test wasn't never overclocked)
GPU: GMA 500 @ 200MHz
HD: Mechanic Hitachi 160GB on PATA controller (UDMA5 )
Usage: Common Windows User ->Web Browsing, Documents, Videos, few games and video streaming

In our case with US15 platform the limits of performace is setted by every hardwares: CPU,GPU,RAM,HD e OS, so we need to make some fix. Windows is a good OS but due to the big number of services (for diffent PCs) its overall performance can be low, expecially for old devices.

1)Open  task manager and notice processes tab:
N.B. In Idle after 3' min after system boot a well setted PC should have a CPU value: 0%-10% , RAM usage <45% and HD usage <10%. Let's see what are possible errors.
2)Don't use Antivirus in real-time protection (disable this function or better unistall at all the program): our  CPU goes crazy! I don't use antivirus but for precaution every 6 month I downloaded,run it with a deep scan and after unistall it
->The real antivirus is the user that know what kind of programs is downloading!
N.B. Windows integrated an Antivirus so go to control pannel\Windows Defender and disable Real-time protection..your cpu will say thank you!
2)Download Ccleaner (freeware), install and Run it. Select in clean section also Windows Log and old prefetch data and start the clean process. After go to registry section and clean it (a backup will be created).

Now go to Tool Section\Startup (or AutoRun I don't remember in english) and turn-off all unneeded programs autorun.

3)Do a scandisk and defrag (if necessary)
4)Disable or Delete Scheduled useless Programs: Go to Control Panel\Admin Tools\Scheduled Tasks (in my case Google Updates, Synaptics ect). If you are using Asus Suite and Optimus IEMGD leave these tasks:

5)Intel ATOM Z5xx supports HyperThreading technology but by default this option isn't activated.
Go to start\run  msconfig Advanced Option\Number of processors "2".
 P.S. For a faster boot disable also interface as showed in picture
6)Alway in msconfig go to Services tab and remove unneeded files:
In my case a short list is:
-Adobe flash auto update
-check compatibility apps
-CyberLink PowerDVD service
-Google Update
-Microsoft Office Services
-Realtek audio service
-Acquisizione immagini di windows
-servizio di biometria windows
-segnalazioni di problemi e soluzioni
-servizio di segnalazioni errori windows
-family safety
-centro sicurezza pc
-windows search
-windows store services ( i don't use windows store)
-Servizio enumeratore dispositivi mobili: esportazione file da pen drive o ect.
-servizio supporto tecnico bluetooth
-servizio agente di raccolta dati ETW di Internet Explorer
-servizio di risoluzione problemi compatiblità programmi
-servizio tastiera virtuale e pannello per grafia
-servizio monitoraggio sensori

7)Advanced Services Disable: Go to start\run and digit services.msc there are too many services that usually are better to live as they are. But there is one that can speedup system boot. It is called Superfetch (ottimizzazione avvio)! Many people says to leave alway active but this choice depends by your pc use and hardware.
What is Superfetch? It is a technology that pre-loads commonly used applications into memory to reduce their load times.
It should be fantastic but isn't so in our slow pc because it requires HD (second picture in this post: HD value) and ram usage and if you have an HD with UDMA speed may results a real slow pc in the first 10min after systemboot.
What I suggest? If you have 1GB of ram leave it turned-on (because is necessary for ReadyBoost or down!), if you have 2GB you can try turn it off.
In my case I disabled this service: the boot is faster but autorun apps start more's not a problem because the OS is quickly reactive.
Anyway you can try to limit the superfech function via registry editing:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters, "EnablePrefetcher" possible value 0 - 1 - 2 - 3
VALUE = 3 Superfetch manage SystemBoot and Apps
VALUE = 2 Superfetch manage only SystemBoot
VALUE = 1 Superfetch manage only Apps
VALUE = 0 Superfetch is turned-off

Note.Other possibile editable value in Memory Management are prefetch (always the same value of superfetch) and largefilesystem (0 or 1) but from my test them didn't change performance so i suggest to leave with default values!

8)ReadyBoost and eBoostr: these are 2 programs that help in virtualize ram. What i mean, them take a portion  of your pendrive or memory and use it as RAM. This is helpfull for the users with 1GB or for that use many programs (not my case). The first one is free and integrated in windows, the second is shareware. The only my suggest is to use a memory with efficacy (at least class 4 or better 10).

9)Disable useless visual effects for GPU: Control Panel\system\Advanced settings Advanced tab and select settings in Performance section. In visual effect tab unmark all except show preview icon
10)Disable Paging File (only for 2GB or more RAM): This method disable the function of virtualize HD as ram. So this solution will use totally ram,that is faster than hd, and will reduce hard-disk noise.
Always in Performance section\settings go to Advance tab and select Change in virtual memory area:

11)Extra: Disable error dump-> Did you see that restarting pc with IEMGD active determinate BSoD? This requires time to collect info about the problem (blu screen with :( face and 0-100%).We can speed up the system reboot after a BSoD by disabling dump.
Control Panel\system\Advanced Settings Advanced Tab and click on settings in  Startup section

12)Disable HD buffer cache (tip for notebook or pc with UPS)
Control Panel\Device Manager select your Hard disk Properties: Mark Disable

13)Disable HD indexing file and windows search services (this last one from services.msc or msconfig)

14)Disable UAC (User Account Control): I don't think is really usefull because most of the people click always yes without looking at the Vendor
To disable this warning go panel control\user account modify user's settings:
15)Use Hybernation instead of turning-off your device. Really much more quick boot. And is also settable in auto when close your netbook display

16)Fast Boot in Windows 8 - 8.1 - 10, reduce memory usage and remove password check:
-Remove Password  from windows startup: I don't have any secret on my pc so why I should protect it with a password? To disable password from windows login with a Windows Online Account. Start\Run (Win+R) digit netplwiz and mark first function:
-Remove Password after hibernation: start\settings PC\Account\Access Options:
-Offline User like win 7 (release more RAM): Why i should have always my email openable when i'm sign-in my account? Why Xbox or other app may enter in my info? Why i have to wait more time in system boot for access in my desktop? Simply change User Account from online mode to offline. Start\settings PC\Account\Your Account -> DISCONNECT!
-how to restore confirm prompt when deleting a file: nostalgia? Right click to the Bin\Properties and mark last option

-unpin tiles from Metro UI: Really simple! Right click in your apps. Anyway less showed app and more fast is MetroUI
-dwm.exe (not working on win8.1\10: require system backup before test it): Desktop Windows Manager it's probably one of the factors that make slow GMA500 under Windows 8-8.1-10.
It's not disable under Win8.1 but anyway i've read on MSDN that is possible to arrest it under win 8 (don't know if RTM or Preview). Make a system restore point before try this solution:
1)Take ownership of C:\windows\system32\dwm.exe
2)Add Everyone "Deny execute"
3)Run MS-Dos with administrator right and paste: tskill explorer /a && tskill dwm /a
What is dwm? It is Desktop composition(Windows flip,DPI scaling,thumbnail preview,fullscreen magnifer,ect) that in windows 7 is only enabled with the AERO Glass Theme.

-Disable OneDrive backup
-Disable Charm Menu
-Remove sound and icon from system boot
-Disable notification of tray icon

17)Use my Optimus IEMGD Tool ;) To switch quickly between software and hardware rendering.
To add Suspancion and hybernation mode in power menu with software rendering (Microsoft Video Basic Driver)-> Start\Run (WIN+R) and digit powercfg.cpl and select the option wanted (in italia clickate nella barra sinistra con la scritta "Specificare cosa avviene quando viene chiuso il coperchio"
18)DirectX WARP: This solution is applicable to run apps with feature level >9.0 (GMA500 supports DirectX9.0). It is a software rendering and require a lot of CPU power (it is used for internal debug).
Testing with my device seems to add +1FPS in gaming under Win8.1. Other software rasterizers will be described in a future post.
REQUIRE DIRECTX11: C:\Windows\System32\dxcpl.exe
19)Removing Useless windows files:
Right click on your local hard drive C:\ ->Properties->Disk Clean->Advanced Clean ->Clean system files Select all files and also,in the second tab, delete Shadow files
In my case were erased 2GB of useless files!

20)Removing Windows Feature(reapply solution 19 after it). Sometime program like Dvdmaker or mediacenter are not used by normal user so why we have to waste hd free space?...wait post updated!

Cold Boot 1.33GHz:
Showed desktop: 40"
Loaded: Optimus IEMGD and Asus Services 1.15"
Resume from hybernation: 21"

Cold boot offline user with Basic Video Driver:
Showed desktop: 32"
Loaded 41"